Clothing Allowance and Laundry Allowance for Employees UK
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Clothing Allowance and Laundry Allowance for Employees UK

Many self-employed people and those in employment are failing to claim their clothing allowance. And that is because most have no idea they can claim for both clothing and laundry costs by using an HMRC allowance for their work uniform.

Clothing Allowance Claimants:

  • Police Officers
  • Agricultural workers
  • Pilots and Cabin Crew
  • Metal Workers (aluminium, brass, iron etc.)
  • Armed Forces
  • Engineers (electrical, motor, and many more)
  • Public Services (fire, nursing, prison officers etc.)
  • Industrial (shipyard workers, seamen, pipe fitters etc.)

The rates vary wildly from £60 to £185, and further to the above, there are many many more whose rates are fixed at £60.

These are annual allowances, and are worth from £12 a year in reduced tax to £37 (for ambulance staff on active service).

The above is a snapshot of just how complicated the UK tax system is.

If you’re in the armed services, you don’t need to worry as these are already claimed on your behalf by MoD from 2013/14.

But for everyone else, you may be missing out on your legally allowed claim against tax.

You can normally backdate your claim up to 4 years if you’ve not claimed before.

Make sure you claim these in your self-assessment form to take advantage of your extra allowance.


You can also claim for certain clothing used in your business, eg. protective clothing or uniforms.

This can either be done through normal expenses by keeping your receipts or through the basic allowance of £60 if you qualify.

Read more about that on HMRC’s official site here:

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